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Our Bianchi bikes

Team history

Emma Cockcroft, Charlotte Colclough, Holly MacMahon, Georgie Panchaud, Tasha Reddy, Bethany Taylor, Anneleen Bosma and Jazz Jones.


Team history

Our Bianchi bikes

Team history

Bianchi Dama started in 2015 as part of Exeter Uni's performance programme, and has developed into one of the best female cycling squads in the UK. We compete nationally and internationally in road, time trial and track events, always looking to better ourselves in everything we do and continue to enjoy this wonderful, mad yet engrossing sport.


Our Bianchi bikes

Our Bianchi bikes

Our Bianchi bikes

Bianchi, the oldest bike manufacturer in the world, and our title sponsor,was founded in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi, and produce wonderful race machinery in the iconic Celeste colour scheme. It's an honour to race the Oltre XR3 CV and Aquila CV models in a wide range of events, and having these bikes enables the absolute best performances possible.

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Cycling is such a magical subject to photograph. 

Thank you to all that capture the moments.

In no order, credits- Trax Photography, Joe Cotterill, Allan Stone, Eamonn Deane, John Orbea/NeutralService.cc, Huw Williams, Simon Blackwell, Caroline Stewart, Andrew Griffin, Geoff Waugh, Andy Kirk, Ben Briffitt, Kurt Lowie, Luc Wilms, Patrick Naylor, Andy Jones

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